Apple Store Bağdat Caddesi opening, 2021

coneixement del vidre

Apple Bağdat Caddesi opens in Istanbul’s city centre as Apple’s third retail site in Turkey. This two-level destination combines local materials with the very latest in shop design to deliver an open, free-flow space for customers to explore Apple products and services or take part in free Today at Apple sessions. Read more

Barceloneta MUHBA presentation, 2021

glass furniture

Specialists in manufacturing display cases, including large ones like this example to preserve the Barceloneta find at the MUHBA. Read more El País news item

Report McStories Apple Rome, 2021

puerta batiente de vidrio

This report takes us on a tour of all the areas inside the new Apple Store in Rome. The Palazzo Marignoli hosts spectacular and impressive architectural and decorative features, including the magnificent Carrara marble staircase, the large windows and glass enclosures and the the paintings on the ceilings. Read more

Opening Apple Rome Via del Corso, 2021

Apple Roma

Apple opens the first Apple Store in the centre of Rome by remodelling the Palazzo Marignoli, a historic building on Via Corso. It is the company’s biggest refurbishment project and designed as a tribute to Rome’s history of art and culture. An inner courtyard with trees, a large staircase in Carrara marble, exterior windows and […]

75th anniversary Museum of Music

decoracio de vidre

We mark the 75th anniversary of the Museum of Music by looking back at the spectacular large, curved glass showcases we fitted when it was remodelled. Read more