Festival d’Arquitectures de Barcelona

From the 20th until this Sunday 30th of April, the #ModelFestBCN Barcelona Architecture Festival is celebrated, promoted by Ajuntament de Barcelona and Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC), this year organized by the Mies van der Foundation Rohe.

The Festival Model is a space for reflection and celebration to, through experimental architecture, rethink how we want to live based on new city models.

That is why one of the objectives is to bring citizens closer to these debates around architecture and urban planning from the social and environmental side.

This year’s motto is Radical Empathy which in architecture is “…create spaces that not only fulfill practical functions, but also have a positive impact on the communities they serve by contributing to a more equitable, inclusive, fair and sustainable world, present and future.”

In this framework, many architectural studios with which Vidres Berni collaborates, such as GCA Architects or Ruiz-Larrea Arquitectura (formerly 2gv) have participated by opening their doors to the public to create these links and debates.

This year we approached the open doors of GCA Architects where we felt the values of elegance, sobriety, sustainability and permanence over time that characterize this study.

Through a tour we discovered the rehabilitation that transformed an important textile company into the headquarters of Barcelona GCA Architects, where the old warehouses have given way to diaphanous spaces that allow light and communication to flow.

Undoubtedly a good opportunity to reflect and understand how architecture can play a very important role in our society and in our lives.

Check out the program: https://lnkd.in/dCsZWj-p