One of the market segments where our crystal company has always been present is the sector of ephemeral architecture of events and stands at fairs.

This sector is characterized by the collaborative work of multidisciplinary teams, where creativity, design, technology and technique complement each other perfectly with the aim of creating unique spaces that make the image of a brand an impactful experience.

The execution and construction deadlines in situ are short, and therefore, they are essential, both a perfect planning, as well as the resolution capacity and adaptability and flexibility of the entire team that collaborates in successfully establishing the stands at fairs, events and congresses. It is at this point that  the Vidres Berni team  has the resources and  extensive experience with its participation in the most important fairs held in a leading city such as Barcelona, but also in other events in European cities such as Venice, Cannes, Zaragoza, etc.

Our curriculum is extensive in this area, but we like to highlight the glass works in  different editions at the Biennale di Venezia (Architettura),  annually at the MWC, at the Automobile Fair, Hostelco, Interhotel in Barcelona and others such as, International Exhibitions, stands for  Barcelona City Council to Cannes or advertising shoots such as the new Seat Cupra model.

The pandemic was a major strike but it has also led to the sector having to adapt to new circumstances with new technologies, as well as combining virtual events with face-to-face ones. It is significant that this 2023 the celebration of the most important fairs such as #MWC23 or #ISE2023 have been a public success.

Lately we have participated in the  last edition #MWC23 by the hand of PRO EXPO in  the assembly of the  stands of the firms Amarisoft, Arrcus and Spectrum.

We are pleased to see that the sector is strengthened and that the companies involved continue to rely on our expertise.

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