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Vidres Berni, s.l., was established in 1964 with the goal of building a robust business anchored in personal engagement, commitment at work and responsibility to customers and partners.

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A second generation carried on with the same hard-working ethos and values of the cristal company while also revamping it and making effort and loyalty to customers into its core values.

The third and current generation embraces all the input and legacy of the practitioners who have been adding, expanding and sharing knowledge for almost 60 years.

The current team has many years of experience in the industry and is famed for its reliability and teamwork, versatility and adaptability, innovation, commitment and effort in meeting new challenges each and every day.

Over the last two decades and in a globalised world where technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, our company has successfully adapted to new changes and opened up fresh markets with thrilling projects all across Europe and beyond due to our teamwork with customers and partners. We have long and close ties with some of them which we appreciate and are extremely happy about.

We have both our own in-house production and assembly team with extensive experience as well as glass specialised external teams which work with us based on each project’s specific features, adapting to the requirements that arise.

Innovations, technological upgrades and the glass industry’s needs call for continuous training plus control and compliance with all requirements, health and safety certificates and construction site documents.

Our shared values and joint responsibility in the team are why we still get excited about unique projects and keep on improving every day.

Our values

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Social responsibility

We are committed to sustainable and responsible growth for our stakeholders and society.

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Cooperative ethos

Enhancing teamwork and shared values in the organisation and partnership with the professionals with and for whom we work.

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Commitment and trust

An essential value is the effort to forge bonds of trust with our customers, partners and team.

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Adaptability and versatility

Our services include fitting all types of glass and encompass numerous areas including museums, remodelling, hotels, residential properties, business premises, offices and amenities.

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Motivation and problem-solving skills

“We try to do what seems impossible”

All our expertise and the technical and professional resources to deliver quick, efficient and premium quality solutions.

Services and facilities

We provide our glass manufacture and fitting services to practitioners and businesses engaged in architecture, interior design, construction, engineering, exhibition and museum design amb maintenance of hotels and museums, mainly.

We work with our customers in designing and developing projects, furnishing solutions, adding value and turning creative ideas into tangible results. We help to develop prototypes prior to manufacturing building or museum components in glass for unique projects.

We fit large glass panes using the latest technology in supporting equipment and measurement scanners.

We are experts in glass fitting for refurbishment and interior design and deliver bespoke solutions which stand out for their style and quality.

We partner with the industry’s leading internationally recognised glass and accessory brands.

We are the solution of choice for the very best architecture, construction and museum design firms with an interdisciplinary approach and in internationally renowned projects.

We have proven experience in manufacturing and assembling glass furniture for interior design and also in display cases and other furniture units for museums and exhibitions We use the most cutting-edge technologies in ultraviolet light (UV) curing adhesives, providing the customer with a wide range of options due to the quality of the finishes, technical and visual performance and the strength of the bonding.

We can fit any type of glass: monolithic, laminated, optical, acid-etched, screen-printed, tempered, double glazed, anti-theft or bullet-proof glass, acoustic, reflective, curved, fire-resistant, etc.

Our head office is right in the centre of Barcelona. We also have facilities in an industrial unit in the Barcelona area equipped with specialised machinery which means we are self-sufficient and flexible and can deliver a quick response to project needs.

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