Vidres Berni S.L.

Kozmo Hotel, Budapest


Project type: Hotel refurbishment

Customer: GCA Architects

Builder: Codecsa

Architect: GCA Architects

Place: Budapest (Hungary)

Pictures: V.Berni archive

Five-star hotel in a completely renovated historic building blending historical features with contemporary and classic design, right in the heart of Budapest’s city centre on the Danube River. It is a luxury hotel with 64 rooms, five restaurants and a spa with swimming pool, gym and massage room.

Vidres Berni has been involved over a number of stages since 2019 in fitting bathroom screens in the suites and rooms with frosted grey tempered glass with special limescale treatments and anti-fog mirrors.

We have also mounted the laminated safety glass balustrades with fasteners for the façade windows along with the roof balustrades. Here this combination of the historical and classical features of the ornaments and balustrades with the elegance, modernity and transparency of the glass balustrades and minimalist fasteners can be appreciated.

One of the hotel’s most exclusive areas is its spa whose design allows guests to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. Here we have fitted the red-painted glass walls, the sauna and massage room enclosures with grey tempered glass doors and fixed panels and mirrors in the changing rooms. All the architectural, construction and design components are matched to offer the customer an atmosphere of excellence in an elegant and contemporary reinterpretation of classic luxury.


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