Vidres Berni S.L.

CaixaForum Valencia

CaixaForum Valencia. The Cloud. ©Màximo Garcia. ”la Caixa” Foundation


Project type: Cultural Center Construction

Builder: Acsa Sorigué

Architect: Enric Ruiz Geli – Cloud9

Place: Valencia (City of Arts and Sciences)

Pictures: La Caixa Foundation @caixaforum

La Caixa Foundation inaugurates the most unique of the nine Spanish Caixa Fòrum, located inside the Agora building of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia.

The project, designed by architect Enric Ruiz-Geli and the Cloud9 team, has been designed to give life within the iconic building of the Agora. A series of capsules or “living cells” make up a futuristic landscape that appears as a public square with oak bleachers with an auditorium below, two exhibition halls, a restaurant, the VIP area and the administration area, a bookstore and a more unique element, in the center, which represents a cloud.

Vidres Berni has participated in all the different glass installations: access façade, mirror cladding, railings and laminar glass closures, coatings with colored lacobel glass, oculi of the restaurant, etc.

Technically, it has represented a challenge, in the installation with auxiliary means and in the production, both for the materials and for their shapes and dimensions. The measurements of the crystals, for the openings and, in particular, for the interior closures of the administration area, have been carried out with the BKLD 3D scanner, with its subsequent conversion to the point cloud for its manufacture. The installation of the laminar safety glass has been complex due to its fitting to the shapes of the ceramic roof, the work of the ceramist Toni Cumella.

It has been a long and large project, with the aim of filling with content and use an existing emblematic building and transforming it into a first-class cultural center.


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