Vidres Berni S.L.

Stair Toulouse Business School

Year: 2022

Project type: Building construction (interior staircase)

Builder: OCP (Civity Group)

Location: BARCELONA @22 district

Images: Xavier Roma Buixeda/Civity Group

IInstallation of glass railings for a spiral staircase inside the building of the new campus of the business school, TBS Education, in the 22@ district of Barcelona.

In this project, the work of the Vidres Berni technical team has been key, which has drawn up the plans to produce the curved glass based on the transformation of the information obtained in the measurement with a 3D scanner on site (a from the point cloud).

The spiral-shaped glass and metal structure staircase becomes a unique and modern architectural element inside the building and can also be seen from the outside thanks to the chamfer-shaped glass facade of 20 meters.

The railing is composed of sections of curved, tempered, and laminated glass for safety on a “low iron” base that gives it a transparent neutral color, providing great aesthetic benefits.

The complexity of the project has been a great challenge both in the technical area, as well as in production and installation.


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