Vidres Berni S.L.

Hotel Boho Praga


Project type: Hotel refurbishment and change of use

Builder: Codecsa

Architect: GCA Architects

Customer: GCA Architects

Place: Prague (Czech Republic)

Pictures: GCA Architects

Versatility and utmost respect for a setting with enormous heritage and architectural value are the parameters which sum up the functional and formal values of this project.

We completed work on this hotel in Prague in late 2015. It had previously been used as offices, which have been converted into a 4-star hotel with 57 rooms, bar, restaurant and wellness facility.

The glass enclosure of the restaurant’s pergola has been made with special double-glazing in tempered and laminated glass. his is a key point in the project given that most of the rooms face the interior courtyard, and it lends uniqueness and personality to the space.

All the bathroom enclosures in the rooms and the spa area have also been fitted. They are made of tempered and laminated safety glass with a reflective effect to preserve the privacy of each of the areas while creating the idea of an open-plan ensemble in which only the bronze semi-reflective glass separates a space that appears to be unique.


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