Vidres Berni S.L.

Sants Mortuary


Project type: Rehabilitation and new use of heritage building

Project Manager: Marc Monedero

Construction Company: Sinophos Group Lloret, sl

Architecture Project: Mirag Arquitectura

Location: Barcelona

Images: Noelia Beltrán

This project has been carried out within an existing building of the Noucentisme style that is listed in the local cultural interest goods catalog of the Barcelona City Council. For this reason, the architectural project was conceived with the idea of preserving the original building as much as possible, highlighting unique elements and utilizing its characteristics for the new use as a funeral home.

The most notable element is the roof with metal trusses over wooden beams through which light enters, which has been preserved and utilized as a natural light entrance to the entire space. Glass becomes one of the chosen materials for the transmission of natural light both in the dome of the oratory, in the closures of the administration rooms in the upper area, and in the landscaped enclosures of the wake rooms located longitudinally in the central area of the space.

The air chamber glass in the dome and the glass in the panels of the administrative area are glass with translucent safety laminate and acoustic insulation. In the wake rooms, they also feature safety and acoustic insulation, but in transparent.

The natural light present in the entire space, the uniformity of the light tones used in the elements, such as glass, and their shapes give the enclosure an atmosphere of peace and welcome.


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