Vidres Berni S.L.

Oriol Balaguer

Year: 2008

Project type: Remodelling business premises

Builder: Codecsa

Architect: GCA Architects

Place: Barcelona and Madrid.

Pictures: GCA Architects

By opening these two shops in exclusive areas of Madrid and Barcelona, the Oriol Balaguer brand is reinventing a new avant-garde concept of confectionery and patisserie.

They are unique venues blending design and appearance where the products are displayed as exclusive handcrafted items.

The design uses glass furniture units made up of glass display cabinets and counters with screen-printed shaped glass and mirrors and shelves.

In Barcelona, there is no conventional counter so customers can move freely around the clear display cabinets showcasing the brand’s delicacies. A small custom-designed cabinet strategically sited as a display for the cake concept. This cake is renewed every month with a new concept in terms of appearance and matching flavours.

All the design elements go seamlessly with the concept of modernity and excellence of its product.


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