Vidres Berni S.L.

Diagonal Mar Staircase


Project type: Apartment interior design

Interior Design Studio: Molins Design

Scale construction: Talleres J.Balaguer

Place: Diagonal Mar (Barcelona)

Pictures: Molins Design

In a high-end apartment in a building on Diagonal Mar in the city of Barcelona, an element such as the spiral staircase in the living room becomes a key piece of design and elegance.

The curved, tempered and safety laminated transparent glass railing gives it an extra touch of exclusivity, combining with the metal structure and wooden steps.

For the manufacture of the curved glass, the Vidres Berni technical team has taken the measurements of the structure with the BLK360 scanner. Subsequently, the information from the point cloud has been imported and transformed into a 3D-2D for the production of these curved pannels. The knowledge and experience in this technology have been decisive for a good manufacture of the glasses as well as the installation from the assembly team.


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