Vidres Berni S.L.


2019 (2023)

Project type: Museography

Museum Project: Croquis

Location: Valls

Images: Noelia Beltrán

This cultural and tourist facility, with a surface area of 2800 m2, serves as a museum reference for the world of castells (human towers) and as an open space for the interpretation and promotion of the casteller tradition.

Vidres Berni collaborated in the production of all the glass elements that are part of the furniture and design aspects of the museum, such as mirror wall coverings, 8+8 laminated safety glass railings, non-slip walkable flooring in the bleacher area, safety glass with graphic productions of the surroundings spaces representing the base formations (pinyes) of different groups (colles), audiovisual totems with adhesive vinyls, and perimeter laminated safety glass for the timeline, as well as all the display cases in the museum.

The entire museum route is highlighted by the use of audiovisuals and immersive sensory setups that allow visitors to dive in the experience and live the emotions and discover the values of the Castells, such as courage, wisdom, balance, and strength. It also explores everything surrounding the casteller tradition, including music and a chronological journey through this unique tradition with over two centuries of history, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.


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