Vidres Berni S.L.

Can Brou


Project type: Building a residential property

Architect: Jeev Arquitectes

Place: Sant Cugat

Pictures: V.Berni archive

Detached house with swimming pool. This project includes the construction of a glass staircase and a walkway with a reverse beam, built with the support of a preliminary engineering study (Jordi Noguera).

The staircase is made of tempered and laminated safety glass. It consists of steps made of non-slip laminated glass and held in place by metal pieces that ring the wall and the side of the glass. This side is tempered and laminated structural glass that doubles as a wall and balustrade for two flights of stairs, i.e. the same pane of glass holds two staircases, the glass one upstairs and the one with white steps downstairs.

The glass walkway is supported by an inverted stainless steel beam with turnbuckles and their corresponding rings. The largest piece of glass measures 460×134 cm.

There are also bath screens, large double-glazing on the façade, a balustrade for the swimming pool in laminated and craquelure glass (cracked tempered) inside and a 430×120 cm pane in a side wall of the swimming pool that provides a viewpoint and connects with the basement floor, letting outside light into the gymnasium.



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